July 22nd, 2014

Earlier today I unthinkingly referred to my 3DS as “my Gameboy.”

I’m going to become one of those old people who call everything “the Nintendo.”


spaceshipearths said: How did I miss that you were going to Disneyland soon? I hope you have tons of fun and stay cool.

Thanks! I’m going for two days in the middle of August with my bffs caparazona, hrello, and ahappycow. It’s my first time at a Disney park and I am super excited and happy that I get to do it with my friends.

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1) I’m wearing my new sandals today so I can BREAK THEM IN FOR DISNEYLAND

2) I really love Spring Awakening and I am excited about seeing it again

3) Teeth are ruining my life.

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I have to work late all this week to avoid taking personal time to see the dentist on Friday, but, you know, I think I can cope with it because the excitement of Disneyland will lift me out of any emotional hole I might find myself in.

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July 21st, 2014

So Brett Michaels is headlining… German Fest?

First of all, since when does German Fest have headliners?

Second of all… German Fest? Are we not even pretending anymore? It’s too bad that July didn’t have another festival just for popular music where we could put acts like this.



does anyone actually remember the alamo though?


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Help me with my cat?


Hi guys. I know this is a longshot, but I need some help, and I thought maybe someone could help me.

I have a cat, her name is Tasha. I named her after Black Widow, because Avengers had just come out and she was both all black and did a lot of parkour when she was a kitten. I got her during my rough pregnancy when I couldn’t walk, and having her around really got me through it. We are both extremely attached to each other.

A couple weeks ago I found out my wife was having an affair, and I have to move back home with my toddler to North Carolina, to live with family. My family has been really hesitant at me keeping her, especially if she’s an indoor only cat, which she’s been her whole life, and I feel that being outdoors isn’t safe for cats, or the native wildlife. Also, if they changed their mind once I’m down there, all shelters in the area are kill shelters, so I refuse to take that chance.

My (soon to be ex)wife has offered to keep her until I have my own place, but she doesn’t take good care of her- when she has to do it on her own, she doesn’t really change the litter, forgets to feed her, will go days without refreshing her water. I don’t feel it’s right to leave Tash with her just because I don’t want to give her up.

It’s a long shot, but is there anyone in the Boston area, or Massachusetts/NH border who can foster a cat for a while? We’d have to work out if it’d be possible with the specifics of the whole thing, but I’m just desperate to see if I can find someone to watch her until I can get settled. She’s spayed, and I can pay for her food and litter costs.

If worst comes to worst, we have a great shelter here and I know she’ll be placed in no time, but I just don’t want to give her up, especially since we’re so attached to each other.

Thanks, and if you can reblog this around, that would be really helpful. 

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Trøndelag Teater’s production of Spring Awakening in Trondheim, Norway

The interesting thing about this production is the actress playing Ilse previously played Wendla in the Swedish premiere. That’s two different roles in two different languages!

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It’s ironic because I was flossing at work because I was feeling anxious about my teeth.


I was just flossing my teeth at work and I think I lost all or part of a filling.

Great. That’s really what I needed on top of my already present dental anxiety. I guess I shouldn’t even bother calling the dentist because I can just show him when I’m over there in a week or two to get a billion other fucking cavities fixed.

I am at work and can’t afford to get emotional about this again.

It’s amazing how life can be full of such awesome and exciting things and awful, devastating things all at once.