August 23rd, 2014

At LAX, this time headed home to Milwaukee where I’m told it has been rainy and humid.


August 22nd, 2014

At Disneyland my friends and I were in a pin shop buying a pin as a thank you to someone back home who gave me Disneyland advice, and we decided to be amateur pin traders and each got a pack of two mystery hidden mickey pins and tried to trade them with cast members for cooler things. Here are pins we traded for.

We think my pop art Pluto must be a fake because the pictures online show white around the eyes and mine doesn’t have that. LOL OOPS.

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Sometimes Unfortunate Things Happen In The Heat Of A 400-Year-Old Legacy Of Racism

As anyone in law enforcement knows, upholding the peace often comes down to making tough, split-second decisions. A police officer must assess his options quickly, especially when faced with resistance from potentially dangerous individuals. But try as we might, bad things sometimes happen in the heat of a 400-year-old legacy of racism.
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August 21st, 2014

Depends on what “cute” means to you, but I recently bought a watch from iSprout ( & love it! It is eco-friendly & has an owl on it. I just bought one today from (teal, silver face). I have too many watches!

Those Sprout watches are adorable. Thank you!


i want a cute watch that isn’t like $100+. where can i find cute affordable watches?

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Anonymous asked a question:

Hi! I have never seen Phantom live before and I was thinking about going to see the North American Phantom tour when it comes to my area. I can't go to New York anytime soon and I was just wondering if you think I SHOULD go see the NA show. I really want to see Phantom but i don't want the North American tour to ruin it for me you know?


I fear I’m in the minority here, but I’d say definitely go see it. For many reasons. I’ll try to explain why. 

I think most seeing the tour as their first live Phantom performance is overwhelmed and impressed and intrigued. The music is grand, the visuals elaborate, the story touching. Cool theatre is cool theatre. 

Second, the tour has a solid enough cast, with some really good people in supporting roles. 

Third, it’s Phantom. Even if you end up a mega fan of the original version down the line, it’s cool to see different versions. Each version brings something different to the table, as does each performer. As for the tour, it’s grittier and with the idea of being more realistic. Whether you like this or not, it’s an interesting take, and something to add to your “POTO luggage”. 

As many other Phantom fans, I do think the restaged tour version has failed in the characterization of the three leads. Especially Cooper Grodin is an over-the-top and way too violent Phantom. The role of Christine has also been transformed into a will-less flower. But I also think there is no real connection between the Phantom and Christine, and with the angry!Raoul the tour has going on I don’t see why Christine would pick any of them (quite the same issue I had with the RAH concert, by the same director). I think a well balanced love trio is the key to a successful POTO, and I don’t think the tour got that at all. It’s two raging men fighting over a pretty flower. 

I’ve also ranted about how the costumes has been butchered in bizarre ways. Much of the damage done in the UK has since been smoothed out in the US, but there is still some weird-as-fuck costume choices going on, especially in Masquerade. When the tour presents itself as one using Maria Bjørnson’s original design, it’s a big fat lie. A lot of the costumes isn’t her design at all, and a lot of it is her design picked apart and/or redecorated so they’re unrecognizable (more here). 

I’m gonna admit it, I much prefer the original. I think the tour’s directing is lackluster, and I’m not at all happy with what they’ve done with the costumes. The set design also feels cramped, though parts of it is very cool. So it might seem strange that I tell you to go see the production. But as mentioned, the tour has its merits, with a grittier approach, some cool ensemble moments and backstage atmosphere. If I personally had the opportunity to see it I would not hesitate in doing so. Both to experience a different take on the material, and to be able to make a more qualified judgement. Worst case scenario, you don’t like it. Best case scenario, you’ll love it and become a major Phantom fan. I don’t think there’s too much to loose. 

I second this. I saw the tour and I was disappointed as were other people I know who have seen Phantom before, but people I know who hadn’t seen Phantom before loved it. I think it’s a bit of an ignorance is bliss situation for those who are new to the show. It’s not a trainwreck by any means and there are many interesting things about it.

Related: the first professional production of a musical I ever saw was a tour of Rent. I had listened to the cast recording a lot and seen the movie and was excited to see the show live. Aaaand it turned out one of the leads was awful. There was almost nothing redeemable about their performance for me and a love for their character is sort of essential for the story of Rent to work. But there were other supporting performances that were excellent and other aspects of the show that were excellent, and because I already liked Rent I still found enjoyment in the show and was happy to have finally seen it. I think it takes a lot for a bad production to completely ruin good material for someone who is happy just to be seeing it at all.

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Yesterday hrello, caparazona, and I went and saw a famous train loop and then went to an ostrich farm and met some ostriches.

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August 20th, 2014


Wait, do the girls have a different Touch Me dance than the boys because I watched it during class today and almost shouted because the guys were doing a different move to their abdomen like I’m confused. 

I don’t think they do… What production was this?

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fave ride?

I really liked Pirates.

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Some pictures from my second (and final) day at Disneyland with caparazona, hrello, and ahappycow.

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