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September 7th, 2014

CrashCourse is a fast, funny, irreverent look at history. In this episode, brothers John and Hank Green gives us their take on what makes Big History so darn important.

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September 1st, 2014





Holy. Crap. I just found an email argument between me and some random internet person about evolution and creationism. Apparently I thought this was important enough to print out and save for TWENTY YEARS!!!

Cannot tell you how many times I’ve been on the phone with Hank and it’s clear he isn’t listening and then I say you’re not listening and then he says, “Hold on someone on the Internet is wrong about something.”

You just got reblogged and commented on by John Green! Be honored !

He’s…he’s my brother…

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April 26th, 2014


Papa Green tweeting about his kids is the best thing ever.

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March 14th, 2014

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February 17th, 2014


My song “Helen Hunt” is on SongMeanings.com and this is the only suggestion about the possible meaning of the song. 

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December 25th, 2013

hoevignonblanc asked a question:

this may be a stupid question but like...who are you? i know youre Hank Green but like...what do you do? I know tumblr loves you and that your brother's that author dude and you went to my college but other then that i have no fuckin clue. and im sorry if this question makes me sound like a dick im just really confused


Not at all! John and I make YouTube videos at Vlogbrothers and co-host the Mental-Floss and Crash Course channels. I also host SciShow, a youtube show all about science. All of our channels combined have had more than 500,000,000 views, so that’s why people know who I am.

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December 24th, 2013

wingsofwriting asked a question:

So this is a science adjacent questions that I don't know where to find the answer to and thought you might know. But can organ recipients (from organ donations) be organ donors? And if so, what happens to the organ they received from another person?


OOO! Fascinating question! Just did some research…it turns out that, yes, indeed, there has been one organ (at least) that was in three different people…he said, casually avoiding the obvious dirty joke. The original donor, a young man to whom the new organ didn’t take, and a third recipient. 

The kidney was only in the first recipient for a couple of weeks before it had to be removed, though. Often, when people get new organs it’s because there’s something wrong with their body that places stress on the organ (the most common example is diabetes, which is terrible on your kidneys.) So, usually, the organ will be degraded by the time the recipient is…done with it. But apparently there’s nothing medically preventing an organ from being…re-gifted.

Interestingly, however, as soon as the organ is placed in the new person’s body, it becomes their choice whether they want to donate the organ or not, they get the same rights over that organ that they have over all of their other organs so, if they die in a car accident and are not signed up as an organ donor, they get buried with it.

In the case I cited above, the young man couldn’t keep the organ, but he still got to choose whether it was thrown out or placed in another person who needed it. Of course he chose to donate the organ, but it’s just kinda cool to me that it was /his/ choice, not just a default “This didn’t work for you so we’re taking it back.” It became his property the moment the put it in his body cavity.

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November 29th, 2013


Dear everyone asking me what FishingBoatProceeds is….

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November 21st, 2013

John, March 1, 2007:Hey, Hank, something just occurred to me. Did I never get you a wedding present? If so, please put the word 'myriad' in your next video.
Hank, March 2, 2007:Liz S. says that 'myriad' is one of her favorite words. And I wanted her to know that it comes from the Greek 'myriados', meaning ten thousand, and that I didn't get you a wedding present either.
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Two beloved literary icons enter.

Only one will leave.

Our Best YA Novel finals begin… NOW.

This is the cruelest poll ever.

my loyalties…

I voted for Harry Potter. (It wasn’t even a particularly tough choice for me.)

HP is the most important story for a generation of readers and is one of the central reasons that my career even exists, so it’s a bit silly even to be in the ring with it here at the end.

Of course, the whole idea of a poll of Internet voters deciding the best YA novel of all time is also a little silly. But I am nonetheless very honored to have TFIOS around at the end, and thankful to all those who’ve read and shared it the past 22 months.

But yeah. Harry. Obviously.

(I voted for Harry Potter too)

You’re fired.

For context Elyse Marshall is John’s AMAZING publicist and HermioneJG is John’s assistant Rosianna.

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